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Getting Your Story in the News Media In the Time of COVID

The COVID19 pandemic made it challenging to reach reporters and journalists. It’s a tough time being a public relations specialist who deals with news media. We are competing with thousands of marketing and public relations professionals in quarantine when all journalists want to report on is the latest COVID news. However, you can do to break through the noise and get your news coverage for your story. There are some things to take into account:

· More people are watching television

· More people are using Social Media

· More people are taking an interest in the news and digital information sources.

This all means that you have an audience that is more readily accessible and able to digest information that you distribute. Reaching the News Media: An Action Plan First, manage your client’s expectations. Some media outlets don’t reach thousands of people but the outlets can reach and influence those who will help build your client’s reputation or promote their issue. Do some research, through Google or Bing, utilize Google News or Apple News as you search by topic for outlets and reporters. Understand the media and the reporter/producer or host’s goals and objectives Plan your client’s strategy with their goals and the media outlet’s goals in mind. What do you want to sell/pitch/convey? Develop a target list, don’t be too ambitious, use Google, or if you have the financial resources a professional list creation service such as Cision. Utilize Social Media to find your reporter/producer on Instagram or Twitter.  Follow them to get some insight on what they might want to cover.  Some Social Media channels also contain mailbox options or emails of the reporter or producer you want to reach.  However, do respect their privacy and personal space. Go broad in your reach by tapping into an international outlet or go small by contacting a community blog or listserv. Finally, be the audience you want to reach. Read and watch news and blogs on a variety of issues and topics. Learn more about the reporters, media outlets, and producers you want to reach.


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