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You Never Know Who Your Angels Are

Worth resharing because it holds true for all time.

Cats & All That ™

(This post was originally published in August 2014. I was struck however by the flower shop employee who helped aid in the capture of the Charleston massacre. - Azeena

A few weeks ago CCL was taking out the trash and Jean Claude, the black Bombay decided to go out for a bag of potato chips ( or whatever). We tried to find him, posted signs, queried neighbors etc. Now,CCL’s house is sandwiched between two others neighbors -Cathy and Joe who have a new patio – and Mildred who often leaves food for stray cats. I was convinced Mildred was holding Jean Claude hostage and urged CCL to take action. After about a week, CCL went out-of-town and I decided to stop by her house. Mildred, the accused cat hostage taker was working in her yard. I introduced myself and asked if she had seen Jean Claude. “No” she replied quietly…

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