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Turning the Car Around

It is very important for me to think win-win. That is not the case for some people who need their word to be gospel. They mean well but they find your growth or your self-ownership invalidating. They use words or acts to sabotage or bring you down.

We often define these people as “playa haters.” Unfortunately, not all of the folks in your life that are envious or controlling are strangers. Sometimes you have to “gas up” yourself and head down the road in a more positive direction.


All The News? Your Story Isn’t Finished. In Fact It Will Be Rewritten Many, Many Times

I have a lot of friends who used to work for newspapers.  For the most part these days newspapers are reportedly  fledgling because of the digital  information age.    though some papers and magazines with more targeted perspectives  are coming back .  Many of my journalism friends took  buyouts.  Some  have said they are fearful about their financial futures.  They are practical, looking at the facts as they are reported.   Still many have gone on to great careers.  Some are  writing for these digital intruders to the media sphere,  others obtaining jobs as on-air personalities, yoga instructors and teaching the journalists of tomorrow.

The New York Times did a front page widely quoted story on how hard it is for people over 50 to get a new job.  It takes longer,  the reporter surmised , babyboomers  are paid less , their prospects for employment are harder etc., etc.  That was two weeks after the very same newspaper  did a story on five people over 50 who lost their jobs, transformed themselves and changed the world.

Here  is the story  in case you haven’t read it.  Boomers Who Reinvented Themselves.     Just like to five people featured in the Times’ article your story is not finished.   You can always write a new version of it.   We are all self-publishers.




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