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Life Editing: Whether It’s People, Places or Things

I find as I get older that I have to decide to do some editing.  A lot of people, places and things simply are not good for me.   This include negative people  and time spent with negative people  in forced circumstances (business, family etc.).  The editing process can also include  pruning the people who are simply dead weight.  You know who I mean, the people who are consistently  unreliable, or who put you down, or  don’t return your phone calls, emails or texts but readily call you  when they need something.   No one is THAT busy.  Move on and Let Go.   edit


One Billion To Win: Warren Buffett’s Lesson for the Rest of Us

Mercer teammates do "victory" dance after defeating Duke in the NCAA season opener

Mercer teammates do “victory” dance after defeating Duke in the NCAA season opener

As  we enter the final days of March Madness 2014 , not much  is  mentioned  in the news media now  of Warren Buffett’s billion-dollar offer to the person who created  the  perfect  bracket  for  the NCAA tournament.   In fact within days of the start of the  college basketball series,  the number of qualified entrants for the billion-dollar contest dwindled from 15 million persons to 15.   With upsets that threw out Duke, Oklahoma New Mexico ,  statisticians and expert sports analysts were left to wonder why  so soon?  Sports pundits took to their blogs and the airwaves to discuss the situation pronouncing it a  fixed proposition.  Perhaps , but it was in good fun, provided some with an additional challenge  and added to the always exciting basketball  tournament.  Besides, there is another way to look at the contest.

Warren Buffett is seen by most of us as a  genius investor. Biographers, columnists, self-help gurus tried to decipher how  the “Oracle of Omaha”  does it.  Bridge player,  father  (who gave his children money to start  foundations to serve the greater good) and supporter of ObamaCare, he is in fact of this earth.  Yes, he gets the market, but he gets us too.    Buffett is not only a shrewd investor, he is a man who though an agnostic,  understands the human condition.   We are after all creatures of emotion.  We have good days and bad days.  While it easy to look at stats, to analyze , to judge the appearance of things, people and information ultimately  we are all products of God.  We cannot predict and ultimately can’t control  outcomes.   In today’s data driven society sometimes we forget that – but Buffett who is credited as an investor for all times always remembers.


Hey We Know How to Be Disruptive! We Invented It!

There’s a lot of talk these days in the  media about being disruptive.  Disruptive  meaning changing the world through technology and digital product invention.    Amazingly a lot of the  young tech, and marketing  geniuses I currently admire  wear  the same long-shaggy haired  looks, baggyy jeans and granny glasses  as some of my friends did during my college days in the 1970s.

Being disruptive is who we are as Americans.   Back in the 1960s and  1970s  thousands of baby boomers  took to the streets to demand civil rights and change America’ landscape  racially and economically.   Still other boomers, tinkered with the new technology while in their garages and dorm rooms  –  Bill Gates, Steven Case and the  Steve Jobs –  inventing products that changed the techno-eco landscape and the  way the world connects and communicates  forever.

Today’s revolution involves  hundreds of  young developers and inventors who want to make the world a better place.   Many of them  are the subject of mainstream media focus but  baby boomers still have a place in this techno-eco revolution  – we invented it.

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