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Four Keys to Thinking About the Future

Looking to the Past and Moving Forward – Part I

It has been an interesting year. I’ve had a lot of personal and professional growth. There are a lot of sites that suggest some of us are more akin to look backward than forward. Here’s some thoughts from the writers of the Harvard Business Review.


In his recent article for the Harvard Business Review blog, Jeffrey Gedmin shares his observations on how some people are more keen to be foresighted than others. Though born from experiences in the corporate world and not directly related to the field of higher education, his advice on how to improve your ability to think about the future and make informed descisions can apply to anyone. The exerpts below are the four things you should do to become more prescient.

1. Enhance Your Power of Observation

For starters, be empirical and always be sure you’re working with the fullest data set possible when making judgments and discerning trends. Careful listening, a lost art in today’s culture of certitude and compulsive pontificating, can help us distinguish the signal from the noise.

2. Appreciate the Value of Being (a Little) Asocial

“Thinking outside the box,” is one of the most well-worn clichés in…

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