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Memories from Talford Street: A Mentor Extradonaire

As Mother’s Day Approaches I remember one of my most important mentors, Gloria Chapmon.

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I grew up on Cleveland’s East Side in a middle class  neighborhood.   My mom and her girlfriends would play bridge  at  one of the homes on Talford Street while us kids played outdoors  rode our bikes, played kickball in the street,  caught lightning bugs or would gather in the basement to watch “The Twilight Zone” or “Ghoulardi.”     On weekends our Dads would gather at Mr Pace’s house on Talford Street to watch sports and barbecue.   Often my family would join the families of Talford Street on   trips to the West Side  Euclid Beach Amusement Park or , Punderson State Park Lodge  in the winter and the Jersey Shore in the summer.

The  families central hangout on Talford Street was the home of   Louis and Gloria Chapmon .  I came to know the couple as Mr. Chapmon and Aunt Gloria.  Later “Gloria” would become a lifelong…

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A lesson in business from Snapchat: When is the right time to cash out?

Breathing Steady

In this Information Age, there is well a lot of information. It can be tough just trying to keep up. The phrase never stop learning has never been more true. If one is to reinvent one’s self. One must participate in a lot of learning, reading , growing, social media maintenance. television watching – not to mention keeping up with the regular demands of one’s own life. It can be exhausting. That’s why meditation have to be a part of one’s routine. Breathing is the key to life.

NBC show will send someone into space

National Small Business Week: What Does it Mean to (and for) You?

All The News? Your Story Isn’t Finished. In Fact It Will Be Rewritten Many, Many Times

I have a lot of friends who used to work for newspapers.  For the most part these days newspapers are reportedly  fledgling because of the digital  information age.    though some papers and magazines with more targeted perspectives  are coming back .  Many of my journalism friends took  buyouts.  Some  have said they are fearful about their financial futures.  They are practical, looking at the facts as they are reported.   Still many have gone on to great careers.  Some are  writing for these digital intruders to the media sphere,  others obtaining jobs as on-air personalities, yoga instructors and teaching the journalists of tomorrow.

The New York Times did a front page widely quoted story on how hard it is for people over 50 to get a new job.  It takes longer,  the reporter surmised , babyboomers  are paid less , their prospects for employment are harder etc., etc.  That was two weeks after the very same newspaper  did a story on five people over 50 who lost their jobs, transformed themselves and changed the world.

Here  is the story  in case you haven’t read it.  Boomers Who Reinvented Themselves.     Just like to five people featured in the Times’ article your story is not finished.   You can always write a new version of it.   We are all self-publishers.




Why Originality is Overrated

There is really nothing new under the sun and perhaps even on the intergalaxtic landscape. It’s Deja Vu with fashion, television and cocktails (The original Get Smart and the original Mission Impossible now air on Me TV) and whisky sours are the rage.


Vergo Productions

VERGO Productions Chief Operating Officer  and Media Strategist Enid Doggett will join the conversation May 3, at 12 noon  when Good Living Enterprises and Recipes for Good Living Magazine, in cooperation with AT&T,  hosts its  first ever interactive virtual global conversation. Women from more than 30 countries plan to be part of the event.

Doggett is serving as an advisor to Women Are Talking which was  founded by Bonnie McDaniel, president of Good Living Enterpriseshttp (

The global discussion will utilize tweet-ups, AT&T Telepresence Centers  and Face Book.  Each conversation  will be moderated simultaneously by women leaders from five US cities.

Anyone can participate by logging into or Twitter @watalking).

“This event will bring a million voices into one virtual room as an idea to focus the experiences and insights of women on issues of work, career, education, health, finance, family, relationships, personal development, and the law and public…

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