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Why Originality is Overrated

There is really nothing new under the sun and perhaps even on the intergalaxtic landscape. It’s Deja Vu with fashion, television and cocktails (The original Get Smart and the original Mission Impossible now air on Me TV) and whisky sours are the rage.

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If you’re in sales, you probably know this: Selling something new and different is a lot harder than selling something that’s familiar or something that’s just a little bit different and hopefully better. Most people are reluctant to try new things.

This is probably a lot less true for entrepreneurs, but the vast majority of your potential buyers aren’t going to be entrepreneurs or risk-takers. That means you’ve got to learn to speak their language and put your selling proposition into a framework that they understand, appreciate and are comfortable with.

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Let me give you a great example from my days of selling Xerox machines to law firms.

The first thing you…

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