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Time: Your Most Valuable Commodity

Recently I had the opportunity to be around a group of the “unfortunately successful.”   You know them,  people who  have  acquired some level of success by society’s standards but who  now,  struggling to remain relevant  possess  an  almost stifling air of self-importance.    After about a half-hour  with this crowd I left the event.    Perhaps in the past I would have stayed but  it didn’t seem like a good use of my time.

Time, I have learned,  is valuable.

One of my favorite columnists, James Altucher author of  the recent ” The Choose Yourself: Stories” recently published a column about  regrets.   In his column he says  “Money you can get back, but even five minutes of time lost is gone forever.”

So true.

Time is  the most cherished thing you will possess. It is yours as long as you are on this earth.  Don’t waste it in pettiness, regrets or trying to figure out how to please people who can’t even please themselves.  We are all here for a finite period.  Spend time counting your blessings.  Feel blessed.



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